Welcome to GeneImmune Biotechnology! We are a leading CRO of biological reagents in virology research. Our current services cover broad spectrum of virology field with focuses on HIV and influenza viruses. Using self-developed proprietary technologies, GeneImmune has developed several product lines including anti-viral polyclonal, monoclonal antibodies, and viral proteins produced in mammalian cells (HEK 293 and CHO) and E.coli. Within line of GeneImmune’s development strategy, we are actively moving into next phase of product development. Our current product lines and technologies enable us to develop subtype or strain-specific diagnostic kits for R&D applications for laboratory detection of HIV and influenza viral infection, and for evaluation of vaccine induced immune responses, especially antibody responses. Such technology will provide valuable information to the scientists to understand the antibody profile induced in natural infection and vaccine elicited immunity. GeneImmune provides a comprehensive portfolio of services that include Molecular Biology, Protein Production, Bio-Assay, and Antibody Drug Development. We strive with competence and confidence to meet your demand for developing pre-clinical drug candidates time-efficiently and cost-effectively. With track performance record, GeneImmune is your ideal and reliable innovation partner in drug discovery.

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