DNA Cloning Service

We provide the following categories of DNA Cloning customer services:
  • One step cloning of desired cDNA into common vectors (expression vectors utilizing CMV, RSV, SV40, mPGK, mUBb promoter/enhancer, etc.), or vectors supplied by customer.
  • PCR based modifications, including addition of Tags (6xHis, HA, Flag, etc), cleavage sites (Xa, Thrombin, etc) of customer supplied cDNAs.
  • Cloning of customer cDNA from different sources: human, mouse, yeast, E.coli, viruses, etc.
  • Combinations of the above three.

Product Catalog

Product description Catalog # Price
One step cloning into expression vector GI-C100 US$ 499
PCR based modification into cloning vector GI-C101 US$ 499
Cloning of customer cDNA into cloning vector GI-C102 US$ 799
Tagged modification into expression vector GI-C103 US$ 799
Cloned cDNA into expression vector GI-C104 US$ 799
Clone cDNA with tag into cloning vector GI-C105 US$ 799
Cloned cDNA with tag into expression vector GI-C106 US$ 1199

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