Plasmid DNA Manufacture Service

We provide high-quality plasmid DNA Manufacture Services. Customers can select scales of production to best match their needs.


  • Low Endotoxin level
  • High proportion of supercoiled DNA
  • Strict quality control system and lot release specification
  • Product delivered in lyophilized powder to maximize stability and solubility

Service scales and applications

We offer customized plasmid manufacture services at scales from milligrams to grams using GeneImmune’s unique and proprietary process that has been fully validated through the cGMP manufacture of clinical grade plasmid products. Plasmid DNA purified by GeneImmune is suitable for:
  • Preclinical studies of DNA vaccine or gene therapy including toxicology and biodistribution studies
  • DNA vaccine research
  • Gene therapy research
  • Transfection experiments
  • Other research applications

Quality control and lot release

GeneImmune produces and delivers plasmid DNA of DNA-Gold and DNA-Platinum grades that meet your highest quality demands for the purpose of transfection, animal immunization and preclinical studies for DNA vaccine or gene therapy products.
Table.1 - Standard QC tests
Test Lot Release Specification for DNA-Gold Grade Lot Release Specification for DNA-Platinum Grade Price
Appearance Clear, no foreign particles Clear, no foreign particles Free
A260/A280 1.75 - 2.0 1.75 - 2.0 Free
Percentage of Supercoiled DNA (Agarose gel) Predominantly Supercoiled ≥ 80% Supercoiled guaranteed Free
Identity(Restriction analysis) Co-migrates with standard or as specified by client Co-migrates with standard or as specified by client Free
RNA residual Not detectable on agarose gel Not detectable on agarose gel Free
E.coli Genomic DNA (Slot Blot or Real-time Q-PCR) ≤ 20μg/mg plasmid ≤ 2μg/mg plasmid Free
Host Cellular Protein (ELISA or BCA) ≤ 20μg/mg plasmid ≤ 1μg/mg plasmid Free
Endotoxin (LAL) ≤ 100EU/mg ≤ 100EU/mg Free
For an small extra fee, additional quality control tests are also available from our QC team to ensure qualification for most demanding applications:
Table.2 - Additional QC tests
Test Method Price
Bioburden Assay LB agar plate Please inquire
Gene Expression Western blot (with specified antibody from IT or client) Please inquire
Humoral Immunity ELISA (with specified antigen from IT or client) Please inquire
Cellular Immunity ELISPOT or ICS (with specified peptides from IT or client) Please inquire
Your Test Your choice Please inquire

Product Catalog

Product scale DNA-Gold Grade DNA-Platinum Grade
  Catalog # Price Catalog # Price
5 milligrams GI-D005G Please inquire GI-D005P Please inquire
10 milligrams GI-D010G Please inquire GI-D010P Please inquire
20 milligrams GI-D020G Please inquire GI-D020P Please inquire
100 milligrams GI-D100G Please inquire GI-D100P Please inquire
> 100 milligrams GI-D999G Please inquire GI-D999P Please inquire
250 mL(Midiprep) GI-000G Please inquire    
1 liter(Maxiprep) GI-L001G Please inquire    
5 liter GI-L005G Please inquire    
10 liter GI-L010G Please inquire    

Yield for volume-based orders are not guaranteed and depend on the characteristic of individual plasmid. Typical yield for high-yield plasmids is >3 mg/liter of LB).

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