Polyclonal Antibody Service


  • DNA Vaccine
  • No protein purification necessary
  • High titer

Service scales and applications

GeneImmune offers customized polyclonal antibody manufacture services. Antibody is generated using DNA vaccine process through GeneImmune’s unique and proprietary expression system. Polyclonal antibodies generated by GeneImmune are suitable for:
  • Western Blotting
  • Other research applications

Product Catalog

Description Animal used Typical duration Product delivery Catalog # Price
Polyclonal antibody production Two rabbits (New Zealand) 3-4 months 5 ml pre-sera/animal
0.5 ml 1st bleed sera after 3rd vaccination
25-30 ml terminal bleed sera after 5 vaccinations.
GI-PAB100 Please inquire
Optional IgG purification - - - - Please inquire

Satisfaction guaranteed! If the product is not successful or the titer of the anti-sera is unreasonably low, we will refund you 50% of the cost!

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